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We Are Coming

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Who Are We

Become who you were created to be in your marriage

Don't let that statement scare you away. We are praying that you are desperate for brotherhood where you can share your struggles, challenges, and victories. This series will be focused on marriage but not just the feel good stuff or the "yeah, I know that stuff", but on the heart of man and marriage. We will dive into scripture and hear from men in this video series that will guide us into a deeper understanding of what God has called us to be and how to be that godly man. There's a book to work along with the video series, getting us deeper into scripture and to write down what we are learning, giving us a reference guide for our future.

Need more info, please reach out! You can send us a message right here or give us a call/text. 

Have questions?

Thanks! We will be in contact soon! 

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