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Connecting people to the life found in Jesus Christ (John 10:10)



We abide in Christ through a faithful, loving, and daily relationship! (John 15:5)


We connect with each other in community, both in large groups and small groups! (Acts 2:46-47)


We serve with the Lord in His Kingdom through our talents, giftings, and callings both locally and globally. (Luke 10:2)

Image by Hazel Clifton



It’s our character that demonstrates that we have found our life in Jesus Christ.

Gospel Boldness

We have confidence in the power of the Gospel to create new life in the souls of men therefore we are committed to show great courage in our efforts to share this good news with those God has placed around us! (Romans 1:16)

Authentic Relationships

We walk daily with our Lord in a genuine, personal, and loving relationship and we seek to establish similar relationships with those around us!

(Luke 10:27)

Sincere Generosity

We are generous with our time, talents, and resources; not out of a false sense of obligation or for the sake of appearances, but because of our genuine appreciation for what the Lord has done for us!
(Philippians 2:3)

Humble Obedience

We submit ourselves to the calling of our Savior to join in His Kingdom work in Wellington, the West, and the World! (John 14:21)

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